Estonit Tools

Estoni sheet, as a luxury façade cover, grants a specific grandeur to the interior design of your environment. but the existence of various tools including cornices, crown, form, border, internal angle, external angle and other stone design tools, doubles the beauty and magnificence of the work. The low variety of such tools in the stone industry has closed the hands and wings of designers and engineers; and does not have an economic justification as well. The group of Persian has filed this vacuum and has provided a complete set of stone design tools in two sizes coordinated with Estonit designs.

Estonit Designs

If you are familiar with famous natural marble stones, you will certainly recognize Estonit designs. Designs which have been selected with great obsession and delicacy and all are among well known and luxury stones. Designs of emperador, crystal marble, and unrivaled onyxes are at your disposal with a cost far lower than natural stone slab.

Light emperador 6087

Dark emperador 6088

Spider emperador 6089

Golden Brown 6086

Golden marble 6085

Vulcano 6093

Empyreal 6094

Caramela 6084

White Crystal 6091

ICE onyx 6081

Cream onyx 6082

Cappuccino 6083

Wild Blue 6090

Royal Light 6092

Dark Green 6095

Wild Green 6096

Design By: Kanooneparseh & Taral