Stonit sheets of Persian Company, known in the market as marble sheet or artificial marble stone, is the product of the newest present –day technology of the world in the field of internal decoration and the closest existing material to marble stone in the market. So that after execution, it displays the radiance and nature of stone in the most beautiful form. A complete set of Estonit tools including cornice, crown angle, frame, and border, provides you with the possibility to create a very coordinated and glamorous appearance during the executive process without need for any other materials. Estonit is a uniquely popular wall cover in the world with unique features which with an appearance fully similar to marble stone, lower weight, fast and easy installation, high resistance to impact, heat, humidity, and bacteria, and also economic saving, is the best offer for execution at residential, office, educational and treatment, and hotel settings.

ابزار آلات کامل Complete tools
For the integration of Estonit sheet and tools production, there are tools for all codes with the same color.
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نصب سريع Quick installation
Because of the low weight and standard dimensions of sheets, the installation of Estonit is done far more easily and quickly compared to natural stone. Click to watch tutoring clip.
ضد حريق Anti-fire
The formula used in Estonit sheets is such to prevent heat transfer, contradictory to natural stones which are heat conductors themselves.
ضد رطوبت Anti-humidity
The existence of polymer compound in Estonit production makes the permeation of water and humidity in the wall cover impossible.
مقاومت بالا High resistance
Estonit sheets have a very high density. Therefore, they show a great resistance to impact and external pressure.
صرفه اقتصادي Economic saving
In comparison to natural marble stone and other similar wall covers, Estonit is very economical and requires lower installation fees as well.
عايق صوت Sound insulation
The high compression in Estonit sheets creates sound insulation and prevents the transition of sounds.
آنتي باکتريالي Antibacterial
The fully smooth, shiny and glossy surface of Estonit is very easily cleaned and is washable. Therefore, it is very appropriate for use in medical and hospital settings.

Design By: Kanooneparseh & Taral